Zakka 81: October 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bird's feather butterfly

I went to a local craft shop yesterday, and look what I found!!Unusual butterfly made by bird's feather!!
I think pretty simple to make this.
Get some bird's feather, glue on together, cut and made butterfly shape, then decorate with gritter glue and some paint. (sounds easy but may be very difficult to make?)
How smart idea anyway!!
I'm not sure what is this butterfly body, feel like a piece of wood.I will try to make one when I collect some bird's feather at the park. lol
It would be a great Christmas gift ;)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Etsy Weekend Deals from the DUSTers★2


This weekend (23-25th Oct), the Australian Etsy Team DUST is participating in Etsy’s Weekend Deals, and offering fantastic discounts off everything in store!

Please include the code 'WEEKEND DEALS' in the message to seller during checkout, and discount will be given as a refund through PayPal (discount off purchase price excluding postage)
Further information is available in each store.
I'm offering 10% off store wide! (excluding SALE section items)
This is a good chance to get something for Christmas ;)

Happy shopping everyone☆ :D
http://raycious.etsy.comSakura earring
Shell matching game (Kaiawase)
The art of Kimono
Chiyogami tea light candles

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mini Kimonos★

New in the shop
Four new Mini Kimonos are now in my shop :)
This style Kimono called "Furisode" meaning "long sleeves" Only young single girls can wear.
When you got married, you wear short sleeve kimono. I just watched movie called "Sakuran" which is Japanese Geisya movie. There is a lots of gorgeous beautiful Kimonos. These my little kimonos remind me the movie ;)
I personally love Olive green mini kimono☆ Which one do you like??

Mini Kimono - Rose pink Chrysanthmum and plum blossom
Mini Kimono - Cobalt blue Peony and Chrysanthemum and plum blossom
Mini Kimono- Orange red Chrysanthemum and plum blossom
Mini Kimono - Olive green Chrysanthemum and pine tree and wistaria

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New in this week

New in the shop
I made three Sakura earrings :)
The color is black, but this filigree type of design make this earring looks lighter!
I'm very sure these earrings suite for any occasion★
I just love to make some accessories and Jewelries at the moment. I bought few another beads last night! It's just fun to look around some beads supplier's shop. So many pretty things in there!! I'm addicted now (^-^;
But, I'm sewer, I'll list up new Mini Kimono soon (^v^) Sakura earrings - Hot pink pearl
Sakura earrings - White pearl
Sakura earrings - Peach pink pearl
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