Zakka 81: September 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My first Jewelrys

New in the shop I made few earrings this week. I know, it's not my cup of tea and not Japanese taste.
I was thinking to make another etsy shop for non Japanese crafts, like these jewelries.
But, at the moment, let me put these into my raycious shop.
Antique Bronze Filigree earrings with little Chrysanthemum and Swarovski dew drop Crystal.
Peaceful Love - Pink Chandelier earrings
Purity - White Chandelier earrings
Nobility - Purple Chandelier earrings
Passion - Red Chandelier earrings
Merrily - Orange Chandelier earrings

Friday, September 25, 2009

Etsy Weekend Deals from the DUSTers★


This coming weekend (25-27th Sept), the Australian Etsy Team DUST is participating in Etsy’s Weekend Deals, and offering fantastic discounts off everything in store- up to 50% off!!

To take advantage of these great deals, browse the shops linked (here) for details of the discounts available in each participating store, then use the discount code “WEEKEND DEALS” in the message to seller during checkout.
Further information is available in each store.

I'm offering 15% off store wide! (excluding SALE section items)
Happy shopping!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The return of the Crane (Tsuru no ongaeshi)

We have a old folktales about the crane....
Once upon a time, there lived an old man and an old women. One day, the old mad saved a crane that had been suffering in a trap.

That night, a young women visited their house in a blizzard and said "I'm lost, Please let me stay tonight..." They felt sorry for the women and put her up for the night.

The blizzard continued day after day, and the young women had to stay for several days.
One night, she said " I'm going to weave. Please promise me never to look into my room while I am working."

The next morning, she handed a roll of beautiful cloth he ever seen. he went out to sell the cloth and it was sold at a high price.

Yhe old women was eager to look into the room while the young women was working. One night, she finally peeked into the room and saw a crane was weaving its own feathers.

While the old man and old women were astonished, the crane said "As you can see, I'm the crane that you saved the other day. Thank you very much for your kindness." and flew away.

People, Never break the promise!
>The art of Kimono -vintage silk crane 10cm x 10cm canvas

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New in this week

New in the shop
I have a few new items in my shop this week (last week?).
1. New Supplies // Cotton - Okinawa bingata print fabric 35cm x 30cm - 5 colors!
This BINGATA is an one of traditional dye techniques and design for representing Okinawa.
Black / vivid red / off white / vivid blue / vivid yellow
They are a variety of colorful tradition patterns, such as phoenix, plum blssoms, chinese peony.
You never get tired of looking at this fabric!

2.New Kimono headband - Dark purple with butterfly kimono headband 7cm wide

This fabric went out of production and I just got only 15cm. This is the first and last headband!

3.Tow new kimono canvas -The art of Kimono - vintage silk crane 10cm x 10cm canvas / The art of Kimono - chirimen butterfly 10cm x 10cm canvas

This is a mouse saikumono, custom order★ If you want some other animals, please ask me :)
Here is a rabbit ... Usagi - white rabbit

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The art of Kimono

New in the shop
I'm making some little things for my craft and always get small piece of fabrics.
So I made these canvas art with left over fabrics!
Kimono is a kind of art.
Beautiful colors and traditional designs.The workman dyed this fabric by hand with the pattern that had been used for more than 40 years.
Please check my etsy shop and find out more details★

The art of Kimono - chirimen purple 10cm x 10cm
The art of Kimono - chirimen pink 10cm x 10cm
The art of Kimono - chirimen purple 5cm x 7cm mini canvas magnet (set of two)
The art of Kimono - chirimen pink 5cm x 7cm mini canvas magnet (set of two)

Friday, September 11, 2009

New tealight cadle holders

New in the shop

I made two sets of tealight candle holders★
The blue one is for DUST team monthly sale ~something blue~.
I used very rare Japanese indigo dyed paper.And gorgeous floral designed paper.Aren't they beautiful?
Please check more details at my etsy shop :)

SALE // Chiyogami tealight candle holder (set of three) 4

Chiyogami tealight candle holder (set of three) 3

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cheerful things ★

New in the shop
New wire headband :) This one is lovely yellow and orange based kimono fabric with sweet little white cherry blossom print.
And new Saikumono! This lovely hanging charm is a depiction of spring, comprising of a chery blossom and a little bird. And both are little sachets☆Please check my etsy shop for more infomation :)
Cheerful yellow - wire headband with matching bobby pin
Sweet time - cherry blossom and bird - hanging charm

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My very first Moo card!

New month, new my etsy year, and New business card!!
*my handmade stamp and business card*
I used handmade business card for a year.
I made rubber stamp by myself and got blank card from Japan. But the blank card is running out and I thought make Moo card.I use this design from my Japanese chirimen fabric, and back side is my mushroom pincushion★
It's looks very cool!! and nice card holder!!
I still love my handmade stamp maybe use it for something :)
If you don't know about Moo, Please check their web site.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One year anniversary!

Today, 01/09 is my etsy shop birthday :)
Thank you for everyone who supported me! especially DUST(Down Under Street Team) family★
I couldn't keep my shop without them!!

I actuary opened shop at April last year once but I closed it, because I went back to Japan for 4 months. Then back to Aussie and started again.

Now I have a 378 hearts (Thank you everyone!)
My very first heart is from janetkchang at 02/04/08 she is a buyer, but from 01/09/08 when I opened shop again, MamaLovePerfume gave me a heart at first. I remember how excited is.
Thank you everyone AGAIN!

I'm having a etsyversary sale, all items 25% off!
Please cerebrate my etsy birthday with me :D

Today I received lovely wristlet from KazStyle. Just perfect present for celebrate by myself!
She is making pouch, bag, Earrings and Necklace,Cellphone Charm/Keychain etc...
It's all Japanese style, using most beautiful Kimono fabrics!!
Please check her etsy shop and find your favorite!
Kaz Style Creations
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