Zakka 81: February 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

About my mum

I don't know where to start...
She has two kids(my brother and me) middle of 60's, she is a wife, a mother, an artist, a fighter, a love.
She was born and grow up in Okinawa then moved in Tokyo.
She used to work for an old people and handicapped people as a home helper.
One day (8 years ago), She fell from the bicycle and her knee began the pain and couldn't walk.
We found the lost cartilage of the knee and the bone knocks against the bone.
Photo : My mum :) Yoshiko
She had operation for put artificial joint in her knee. Everything looked good.
But the symptom of rheumatism appeared and the doctor prescribed the medicine of rheumatism. This is a side effect from the operation.
When rheumatism settled down, breath became painful.
It is a kind of pneumonia called Interstitial pneumonia. 70% of her right lung died of the side effect from the medicine of rheumatism.
She cannot take the good medicine of rheumatism because of her lung.
Photo : Mum's art "Okinawan beauty"
Her finger bend unnaturally, and the sense is lost. It's not possible to do now though it was possible to do before. She can walk but can not get far. Always with the walking assistance or wheelchair because breath becomes painful. She depressed.
Last year she broke her hip born and had another operation for put another artificial joint on her hip joint. She couldn't have general anesthesia because of her lung, so she had the operation only by the local anesthesia. She is fine now.
Photo : Mum's room and my friend(left)and me(center) last year
Mum loves drawing since when she was little. She start drawing again for rehabilitation of the fingers and she can gets over all sorts of sadness at that time.
I decided to put her art work into my etsy shop. A lot of people seeing it make her happy and If her art going to somewhere around the world make her more happy.
I promise the proceeds from sale to be used for my mother. I want to do a lots of things to her.
I always feel guilty because I left home, far away from her...
Photo : Mum's art "my little daughter"
Thank you for reading this and hope you enjoy her art!
I would be very happy if you leave comment, I'll tell it to mum.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Photo by yumiko tanaka (from Flickr)

=Japanese Annual Event=
As setsubun (pronounce sets boom) actually signifies the parting of the seasons,there are four setsubun in a year. The day before the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
3rd of Feb called Risshun, the first day of spring is considered especially important and various ritual are conducted.Photo by kasadera youjien (from Flickr)

On this day, people scatter soy beans inside and outside their home yelling "Out with the Demon!! In with the happiness!!" to drive away demon (evil of the year). At home, one of the family members (mostly father) takes the role of the demon to be driven away. Yes I used to threw the bean to the father, hehehe...

Photo by yocca (From Flockr)

Soy beans scattered on Setsubun are called Fukumame. As it was believed that one could keep off illness by eating Fukumame, it's the custom to eat the number of soy beans that corresponds to one's age plus one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm on the air?!

Normally I'm tweeting(twitter) at early morning and I sew agoodwitchtoo said
"FREE promo for you shop LIVE on the air.... Comment for your spot http://blockheadradio.blogs... "
I just pop into the link site, then left my etsy shop add and name.
And.....I got it!! 2nd-9th all this week!!

It is an independent Internet radio station(US) and they are on 24/7 exposing artisans to the world with an eclectic blend on music from indie musicians.
Unfortunately my internet is dial-up, I can't listen the radio(>_<) But lets see...hopefully bring more customer from the air!

If you have interest go here and find out more!

Featured in Found Handmade blog

Thank you very much for including my item☆here...
The web site called Found Handmade.
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