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Friday, October 24, 2008

First blog

Nice to meet you everyone!
Ok,this is my first blog in English, I have a Japanese blog for my Japanese friends but this blog for all over the world (hopefully...) If my English is something wrong..... just laugh it!

A little bit about my craft and myself...
I grew up in Tokyo,Japan and moved to Australia after my meeting my partner overseas, we both enjoy being involved in our own craft. 
I'm proud of my traditional culture(Japanese) coz of it delicately and elegance, so beautiful! I just thought I would share that as I'm making little sachets type of craft, the idea is of old, like 200 years old. In the days of old, where KIMONO was worn traditionally, left over pieces were used make various items (like this photo)
This art of needlework called SAIKUMONO is a very delicate way of a hand sew craft from time gone by in which disappeared during the period of war, but now it is revived anew.
The Japanese women used the art of SAIKUMONO to express the beauty of nature though out the four seasons.

Please check my Etsy shop to find more Japanese art craft!!

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