Zakka 81: Giveaway to my first customer!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Giveaway to my first customer!

I forgot to mention about my giveaway stuff...
MINI KIMONO to my first customer!!
All detail and photos are on my etsy shop!
I made white mini kimono, and I realized it's very similar with my pre-weding kimono!(?)
We have not marred yet, but when we went to Japan, we took wedding photos at photo studio.
Combination of red and white is use for celebration in Japan, like a wedding, birthday, success of job, opening own shop....etc
Anyway, I will make another one for by myself!!


  1. Ooo that's so cute! I love it. Your projects are very unique.

  2. Thank you very much!!
    I'm proud of my culture :D


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