Zakka 81: children's day

Monday, May 4, 2009

children's day

May 5 is Kodomono-hi (Children's day) a national holiday in Japan.
Families with young boys put up koinobori (carp streamers), in their yard and display dolls called Musha-ningyo, patterned after histrical warriors and heroes, to pray for success in life.
As there is a legend that carp swim up waterfalls and become dragons.
So,parents fly koinobori to pray for their boy's success in life.
Also called Gogatsu-ningyo. A set of armour, helmet and other things the Samurai of old carried during war time are displayed. Parents display this dolls for wishing their boys to glow into strong and poweful men.
Now days we don't have a big space to display Musya-ningyo.
So, many families have just a helmet.


  1. I am putting this on facebook so my children can read about this - they both have little boys. lovely way to celebrate the joy of children (and grandchildren) ... thank you.

  2. Hi Wilma :)
    Your welcome! I'm happy to spread some Japanese events to al over the world ;)
    Hope your grandchildren grow up like a Samurai!


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