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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Etsy item of the day blog feautred!

One day when I was on twitter I found her. Her twitter name is EtsyToday.
And I checked her and I found it's very exciting blog!
She featured an etsy seller everyday!! What a great work.
So I send mail for asked her to take a look my shop.
Next day..... Yes, I got it!!!!!!!
She piked my kimono blank card.
This card comes with three different types Japanese paper called Chiyogami.
You can use this Chiyogami for your scrapbooking or some crafts.
So this card is a card and it becomes a gift, too!
I glued on these Chiyogami but it cuts easily according to the tear off along dotted line.

Kimono (blue) -Japanese chiyogami blank card

Please take a look her blog and you can be next day feature seller!
Etsy Item Of The Day

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