Zakka 81: Bon festival

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bon festival

I'm not sure it's called festival or not.
From July 13th-15th or August 13th-15th, a series of events are conducted to receive and comfort the spirits of ancestors that are said to return homes at this time. In some areas, Bon festival is held for 4days to the 16th.

On the evening of the first day, a fire is lit by burning Ogara(stalk of hemp after removing its bark) at the entrance to homes so the spirits of ancestors don't lose their way.
And we make some figures of hoses or cows are made of veges (cucumber, eggplant) so the sprits of the deceased can ride them to return home!
*like this*
And last day of Bon, we make fire and send back them to that world. (what can I say, heaven?)
Some place has a big events. Like this photo. They are burning it in the mountain.

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