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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New products ☆ Handmade Soap by Mnaturalz

Maybe you already checked my shop for these beautiful handmade soaps from Mnaturalz.
I am a big fan of her soaps!!
It is No Preservatives, No Animal fats, All Natural Vegan Soap☆ 

Have you ever used handmade soap before?? If not, you must try, at least once!! It will change your mind!
Your skin feel more soft after wash, gentle perfume from essential oils make you calm and relax.
And all unique Japanese ingredients has special beauty power! ;) 

Don't forget to use foaming net to wash your face :)
What? What is the foaming net?! Really?! Don't you know about it?? Oh so sorry for you! You've missed the important things in your life lol

The foaming net creates very thick creamy lathe with just tiny amount of soap (or your facial soap), also The net helps create tiny tiny bubbles so the foam is nice and thick. It helps get into your pores better & removes more dirt and makeup!! You can feel the different straightaway!

 Only this month (January 2013), when you buy one of her soap from Zakka81, You will get one of this foaming net!!Why not to try now!

And we having a New Year Sale still now!!
EVERYTHING 30% OFF!!! (until Sunday14th Jan 2013)
Yes, including these beautiful soap as well :D
= Online Japanese Gift shop =


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