Zakka 81: mini canvas- Dream and Crebration

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

mini canvas- Dream and Crebration

★New in the shop★
Celebration -Mini canvas with easel
寿(pronounced ko toe bu key) meaning celebrate an event such as for success, birthday, wedding or some other happy events!

The crane is a symbol of an auspicious animal and Red and white are used for the congratulation thing.
In the middle of 寿, I putted knot on. This knot called MIZUHIKI (pronounced me zoo he key) it's also using for auspicious things.
So, this is a great gift idea for everyone☆

★New in the shop★
Dream -Mini canvas with easel
I had the dream last night but I do not remember clearly.
It was beautiful and soft, everything is mixed up, the future of present in the past. I wish to have the dream again.

夢(pronounced you may) meaning dream.
I wrapped the canvas with the kimono material and stitched "dream" by hand.

This photo is our dream! have a wedding in Japan and bike for him.


  1. interesting to read...thanks for sharin...

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment all time!


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