Zakka 81: Seijin-shiki

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I found Japanese culture in Etsy!!
Have you read it? Please check here...

It's about "Seijin-shiki"(pronounced say gin-see key) meaning "Coming of age day" in Japan.
A ceremony to celebrate people who have turned 20 and recognize them as adult.
The second monday in January is the holiday for this celebratory ceremony.
Most of women are dressed in long sleeve kimono. Of course when I turned 20 I wore it.(Sorry I don't have any photo...)
This is a big moment for us.
From the age of 20,one is granted the right to vote and permitted go drink and smoke.
So when we finished ceremony of seijin-shiki, many people go to the Izakaya (kind of pub) and have a party. Oh, I miss Japan!!


  1. ...will have to check out the interesting to read about what other cultures different...imagine that you really miss it at times...

  2. Specially Asian culture is so different, because of I love and proud of my country!
    I had a great time with my friends,Oh I should brought my photos!


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