Zakka 81: I'm on the air?!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm on the air?!

Normally I'm tweeting(twitter) at early morning and I sew agoodwitchtoo said
"FREE promo for you shop LIVE on the air.... Comment for your spot http://blockheadradio.blogs... "
I just pop into the link site, then left my etsy shop add and name.
And.....I got it!! 2nd-9th all this week!!

It is an independent Internet radio station(US) and they are on 24/7 exposing artisans to the world with an eclectic blend on music from indie musicians.
Unfortunately my internet is dial-up, I can't listen the radio(>_<) But lets see...hopefully bring more customer from the air!

If you have interest go here and find out more!


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