Zakka 81: Setsubun

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Photo by yumiko tanaka (from Flickr)

=Japanese Annual Event=
As setsubun (pronounce sets boom) actually signifies the parting of the seasons,there are four setsubun in a year. The day before the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
3rd of Feb called Risshun, the first day of spring is considered especially important and various ritual are conducted.Photo by kasadera youjien (from Flickr)

On this day, people scatter soy beans inside and outside their home yelling "Out with the Demon!! In with the happiness!!" to drive away demon (evil of the year). At home, one of the family members (mostly father) takes the role of the demon to be driven away. Yes I used to threw the bean to the father, hehehe...

Photo by yocca (From Flockr)

Soy beans scattered on Setsubun are called Fukumame. As it was believed that one could keep off illness by eating Fukumame, it's the custom to eat the number of soy beans that corresponds to one's age plus one.


  1. So wishes to you on this occasion...

  2. It is very fun! But after the setsubun, you need to clean up house and it's very difficult to find all of the beans in the house!
    I haven't done yet. I need to get some dry soy beans!


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