Zakka 81: Kaiawase -shell matching game-

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kaiawase -shell matching game-

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Kaiawase is a shell-matching game played originally by nobles in the Heian period (794~1167)in Japan. The shells for this game are stored in a kaioke(A hexagonal container) but I use round box.
It's similar to the card game “concentration”.
The base color is gold and I sticked Japanese peculiarity things on the inside of shell, such as "cherry blossom""A fan""origami crane""chrysanthemum"..etc... 10 different pictures sets.
And I painted cherry blossoms on the outside of shell.

It's playful but you can use this for just like a home decoration ;)This is how to play ...

You can see Kaiwase design in Kimono

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