Zakka 81: Could you ... ?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Could you ... ?

Are you on Facebook?
I joined FB for long time ago, but not enough time to do that, specially my internet is still dial-up (I konow) connection, it's take long time to upload some photo or loading pages.
But, finally I made my FB page! Yay!! also I made my shop's fan page.
If you on the FB, please visit me and be my friend or became my fan! and let me know your page too :) this is my plofile page and this is my fan page!

One more favor.....
I have enter Tim Adams Designs "Etsy worthy photo contest #2"
Could you vote for me??I added my "Spiral - ornament ball box"
Please visit his bog ↑ here and find me and click the "+vote" botton.
Contest Ends in: 27 Days, let's have a fun!

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