Zakka 81: Wall decoration challenge!! 2

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wall decoration challenge!! 2

I tried to make something for my wall on every month, but I missed last month! :( I thought its "easy peasy!" .... well, I'll do my best!

This month I made "Toilet roll art", I found this idea from Pinterest as usual.
I had collected the core of toilet roll since last month, It took long time to collect, specially live in here just two of us, my partner and me. Men doesn't use toilet paper not so much like girls!
Anway finally I had enough to make this!

Ta daaa~~!!
It's peacock inspired toilet roll art. I used acrylic paint to paint inside of the roll. It has glitter gold but hard to see in these photos...
You just need to cut the roll around 2cm wide and stick with glue!
How easy is that!!
And I made another one with left over rolls ...
That is.......

Cherry blossoms!!
Bend in the one side to make petals.I really LOVE this one. Just now, cherry blossoms season in Japan and I miss it so much!
But I can see my cherry blossoms at home every day ;)
I will make more when I got more toilet roll. This is very fun craft!!

Hey, do you know mother's day is next month!!
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  1. Thats awesome!!!

  2. Just popped across these by chance! I'd love to attach these to a soon-to-be baby girl nursery, if you attached them to a wall how did you manage it?

  3. How did you stick them to the wall????

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