Zakka 81: Easter Ideas! 2

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter Ideas! 2

Now, let's talking about food!
I found lot's of yummy, funny Easter foods!!

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*Spring chick Cupcakes ( From Martha Stewart)Baby chicks with their coconut feathers, nutty beaks, and confectionery details.... So adorable!!

*Easter Cupcake Baked in Real Eggshells (From Cupcake project)
Do you want to make "WOW!" to your families or friends? This is the one!! How cool is that!

*Hidden Surprise Easter Egg treats (From Kellogg's Rice Krispies)
Kids will love these crisp eggs!!

*Rainbow jello Easter egg ( From Thrive )Wow!! This is sooo fantastic! I wounder I can use real eggshell to make this... unnnn...
Don't worry, if you can't make this super rainbow egg you can make this...

* Easter Creamy Jell-o Jigglers (From kraft foods)This is mixing Jell-o and Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding! Easy!!

*Baa Baa Black and White Sheep Treat (From Southern Living)
Many smart people out there!! This is not cooking, just stuck together! Awesome!!
Here is another no bake treat...

*Un-Baked Cookie Nests (From Kitchen Simplicity) I think I will make this... What a nice little nest to fill up the joy!!

*Caramel Marzipan Easter Egg (From Baker's Corner )It's no baking as well. This is a great decorations for the cake!!
For the last....

*Devilish Chiks! (From Savoring time in the kitchen)Look these little peeps!! OMG it's so funny!!

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