Zakka 81: Handmade Wooden Mushrooms ( Toadstool )

Monday, November 19, 2012

Handmade Wooden Mushrooms ( Toadstool )

I'm sorry, I haven't posted any blogs in long time!! Geeee I'm slack!!
Actually hubby and I am doing busy to make mushrooms. Nop, not edible one, it's handmade wooden mushrooms!!

I started woodturning from May, my hubby taught me how to, he is a wood turner. 
And we start making mushrooms and take them to the local markets. 

It's getting popular and there are few shops who sell our mushrooms!! So, we are getting busy in a good way, especially this crazy Christmas season!! 

We called our woodturning shop name "Woodrock Turning", we don't have website yet, but we made Facebook page. If you want some mushrooms, please message us☆ 

My online shop is getting busy as well. Many stock is gone.... I can't restock them until next year. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I recommend to shop ASAP If you find favorite things. 
For the International customer, when you order your parcel will take 2~3weeks to get your place, If you want it by Christmas, you better to order now!!

Zakka81 - Japanese online gift shop

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