Zakka 81: Happy New Year !!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year to all ☆

I re-start my blog AGAIN! I have not update any post for long time. I'm sorry...
I had a very hard time on last two years. Especially I lost my mum on last July (in Japan) It made me stop everything. She fought to live for two years, bravely...(miss you and love you so much,mum!)

Anyway, I have to move on and I decided to start my own business. I always wanted to have own kind of interior shop since when I was a girl (of course NOT dreaming about the online shop at that days) I made online shop called zakka 81. "ZAKKA" meaning nick knack things in Japanese and "81" is the country number of Japan. I'm selling my hand made products and imported products from Japan.

This blog was used to be a my etsy shop(raycious) blog. But now this blog for "zakka 81"
Pleased to meet you guys!! I will try to update some interesting things as much as I can ;)

*I will be back on etsy soon or later, but at the moment, PLEASE let me concentrate on building my web site!

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