Zakka 81: Valentine's day ideas♥

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine's day ideas♥

Do yo celebrate Valentine's day?
I picked up few Valentine's day ideas from everywhere and want to share with you ♥

At first, decorations!
1: Crayon heart - from Martha Stewart You can find more Valentine's day craft from her site. This is my favorite and I'll definitely try this!

2:Paper rose - from Mon carnet blogLook at this!! One gorgeous HUGE paper rose!! This will surprised your partner, sure it will!

3: V'day nailVery cute! I have to try this!!

Now, Valentine's food!!
4: French toast with stewed berriesSeriously cute!! Great idea for breakfast in bed. Very simple but very effective!

5: Sweet heart cupcakes - from Glorious TreatsThis is an another pretty idea!! You can make your favorite cupcake and fill with the pink cherry frosting!

6: Cherry chocolate kisses - from The curvy CarrotThe combination of cherry and chocolate are always my favorite! It's not heart shape but lovely pink!! it use maraschino cherries to make pink, very clever!!

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