Zakka 81: Easter Ideas!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter Ideas!

Easter is coming soon, 8th of April!! (from Good Friday 6th) Did you know that?
Are you going to do something? I'm not sure what we going to do. BUT I'll share some Easter decoration, food, craft ideas!!

Today I gonna show you great craft, decoration ideas.

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*Flower arrangement in eggshells (from Martha Stewart)It's very pretty!! Hollowed-out eggshells make naturally beautiful vases for tiny flower arrangements.

*Natural dye Easter eggs (From Creative Living)
Decorating eggs by attaching leaves before dipping them in dye from berries, herbs, onions and veggies... Beautiful!!

*Mosaic Easter Eggs (From Specialty Art Glass)This is very creative!! I really want to try this!

*Bunny Napkins (from Good housekeeping)
Wow!! How clever and cute!!! I do Origami(folding paper) but this is just great!

*Embroidery floss Easter eggs (From Crafts for all season)
This one using water balloons but you can also use normal, big balloons!
What a fun!!

*Easter egg candy pouch ( From Simple as that)
If you are very busy, how about this? Great idea for busy mom!!

★Don't forget to get some presents!!

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