Zakka 81: Milk bottle case

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Milk bottle case

I found this idea from the Pinterest, the original web site is not in English, but you can easily see how to make it.
It's very easy to make and useful craft. only take around 10 minutes! Easy craft for the weekend ☆

Original page ( used 3 Litter milk bottle. Rinse it and Peel off the stickers.Mark the guide lines, I marked 5cm from the bottom, and another 5 cm for the folding inside cover. As for the top lid I took 10 cm. And just cut it!
Put little hole in it and tied elastic (I used hair tie) with wire.
You can use Velcro or button or some other material for instead the elastic band.
Now I need more Milk bottles!!

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