Zakka 81: The return of the Crane (Tsuru no ongaeshi)

Monday, September 21, 2009

The return of the Crane (Tsuru no ongaeshi)

We have a old folktales about the crane....
Once upon a time, there lived an old man and an old women. One day, the old mad saved a crane that had been suffering in a trap.

That night, a young women visited their house in a blizzard and said "I'm lost, Please let me stay tonight..." They felt sorry for the women and put her up for the night.

The blizzard continued day after day, and the young women had to stay for several days.
One night, she said " I'm going to weave. Please promise me never to look into my room while I am working."

The next morning, she handed a roll of beautiful cloth he ever seen. he went out to sell the cloth and it was sold at a high price.

Yhe old women was eager to look into the room while the young women was working. One night, she finally peeked into the room and saw a crane was weaving its own feathers.

While the old man and old women were astonished, the crane said "As you can see, I'm the crane that you saved the other day. Thank you very much for your kindness." and flew away.

People, Never break the promise!
>The art of Kimono -vintage silk crane 10cm x 10cm canvas

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