Zakka 81: New in this week

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New in this week

New in the shop
I have a few new items in my shop this week (last week?).
1. New Supplies // Cotton - Okinawa bingata print fabric 35cm x 30cm - 5 colors!
This BINGATA is an one of traditional dye techniques and design for representing Okinawa.
Black / vivid red / off white / vivid blue / vivid yellow
They are a variety of colorful tradition patterns, such as phoenix, plum blssoms, chinese peony.
You never get tired of looking at this fabric!

2.New Kimono headband - Dark purple with butterfly kimono headband 7cm wide

This fabric went out of production and I just got only 15cm. This is the first and last headband!

3.Tow new kimono canvas -The art of Kimono - vintage silk crane 10cm x 10cm canvas / The art of Kimono - chirimen butterfly 10cm x 10cm canvas

This is a mouse saikumono, custom order★ If you want some other animals, please ask me :)
Here is a rabbit ... Usagi - white rabbit


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