Zakka 81: My first Jewelrys

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My first Jewelrys

New in the shop I made few earrings this week. I know, it's not my cup of tea and not Japanese taste.
I was thinking to make another etsy shop for non Japanese crafts, like these jewelries.
But, at the moment, let me put these into my raycious shop.
Antique Bronze Filigree earrings with little Chrysanthemum and Swarovski dew drop Crystal.
Peaceful Love - Pink Chandelier earrings
Purity - White Chandelier earrings
Nobility - Purple Chandelier earrings
Passion - Red Chandelier earrings
Merrily - Orange Chandelier earrings


  1. I am honored to have Vince on your wish list. Thank you, and thanks to all crafters and here all earrings are really very different. Thanks.

    cartucho r4i

  2. Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful! swarovski crystal


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