Zakka 81: My very first Moo card!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My very first Moo card!

New month, new my etsy year, and New business card!!
*my handmade stamp and business card*
I used handmade business card for a year.
I made rubber stamp by myself and got blank card from Japan. But the blank card is running out and I thought make Moo card.I use this design from my Japanese chirimen fabric, and back side is my mushroom pincushion★
It's looks very cool!! and nice card holder!!
I still love my handmade stamp maybe use it for something :)
If you don't know about Moo, Please check their web site.


  1. they are BEAUTIFUL! the stamps will be useful with packaging in and out. but those cards are perfection. glad you did it! thanks for sharing your source :)

  2. they are really beautiful :)

  3. Thank you very much ladies! :)
    That's great idea Ms Drangonfly! I'll use my handmade stamps for packaging!!


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