Zakka 81: Wall decoration challenge !!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wall decoration challenge !!

February's wall decoration " infinity love " - hand stitched art

This year I try to express the seasonal event ... actually I try to NOT forget them and try to keep me creative!

Christmas to January's wall decoration " Celebration " - recycled paper art
I found this from some crafty youtube. I used old yellow page and artificial flowers and gold ribbon. Simply roll the yellow pages and stick on the cardboard base. I sprayed gold paint for bit more Chrismasy taste.

And now, I made February's wall decoration. I've seen this design at the Pinterest and I fell in love with it. Originally someone made this for tatoo, very special I think!
I love hand stitches but not
embroidery person, if I could do more embroidery stitches it will be more "WOW" art, that's sure lol.

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