Zakka 81: Bubble wrapped flower vase

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bubble wrapped flower vase

I bought a gorgeous artificial flower today, unfortunately fresh flower is always very expensive in Australia. I had always bought some fresh flowers when I was in Japan. It's cheap enough to buy every week.
Anyway, I bout artificial flower but I didn't have a vase that suits it. I found empty glass jar (it was in tomato paste) and it's perfect size!! but I want a bit some design. Somehow I thought "wrap it with bubble wrap" it has like a polka dots pattern and of course nice protection (if you dropped on the floor)

Here is how... super easy!!
You need a glass jar, bubble wrap,
scissors, acrylic paint (your favorite color) and glue, ribbon to dress up.

1. Measure the size of the jar and cut the bubble wrap.
2. Use sponge to put some acrylic paint on to the bubble wrap. (like stencil work) then dry it.
3. Put some glue on the jar and wrap the bubble wrap on it.
4. I wrap ribbon around the neck because of I just cut the bubble wrap into rectangles and the jar becomes thinner as it goes to the neck. And looks more prettier :)

Cute polka dots shade...

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