Zakka 81: Valentine's day ideas ♥ 2

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's day ideas ♥ 2

Did you already decided what to do Valentine's Day?
Here is an another ideas for Valentine's day!!

Budget food ideas
1. Bacon of Hearts - the paper mama If your love's one doesn't like a sweet things. Why not to give him a bacons!!

2. Delicious Roasted Potatoes - from Haniela's food & photography This is so cute idea! Roast any meats with this cute potatoes, perfect Valentine's dinner! so easy!!

3. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Hearts - from Martha Stewart
Don't worry if you can't cook, lovely idea is still there!! thank you for Martha Stewart :)

4. Weaving Danish Heart Baskets - from radmegan in words and picturesWonderful no sewing project. This is a little baskets, so you can put some chocolates in here!

5. 3D card - from duitangThis website is in Chinese but you can get the template from there. Easy to make!!

6. Heart bookmark - from Martha StewartAnother idea from Martha. Isn't it cute?! Idea for your favorite bookworm ;)

Good luck everyone!!

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