Zakka 81: How to make Origami Ornament Ball (Kusudama)

Friday, February 24, 2012

How to make Origami Ornament Ball (Kusudama)

Have you try to do some Origami (Folding papers) work? Do you think it's very difficult? hard to do??
I'm sure you need practice at first, but once you use to folding papers, this flower ornament ball is a piece of cake!!
I found this tutorial on youtube, you need 60 piece of Origami paper (square paper) and glue. Oh, and specially you need patient!! ;) I recommend to use Origami paper because the color. When you fold some "both side same color" paper doesn't looks great, still fine but two color combination is much better.
I was cut the origami (mine was 15cm square) in four equally (make 7.5cm) and my origami ball size is around 11cm diameter.

Ok, here is the link...
Anniversary, Designed by Mio Tsugawa

Enjoy your Origami!! :D

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